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Acerca de

Ellen Blake standing in front of the bucket fountain on Cuba Street

Who am I?

I grew up and went to school in Wellington, worked in a range of the big and not so big employers around town. I've done the school activities familiar to parents and am part of my local community groups. I am a long time advocate for pedestrians and an activist for many human rights issues. I work on many native bush restoration projects to support a Wellington biodiverse ecosystem. Like many of our wonderful Wellington volunteers, I do more than just talk and tweet about it, I get out there doing the work.


I’m here living locally and often out on foot about town enjoying our public spaces.

And why me?

I’ve got a clear vision for a better Wellington, one that is fair for all of us and recognises we all want a good life living here. I’ve got the energy to make it happen and the sense of urgency that we need to get on with things. I’m consistent and persistent, read on to find out where I stand on the issues.

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