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Resources and Waste

We need to reduce, reuse and recycle and use our resources wisely.
Lets have remakerys and reuserys as part of the fabric of our city.


 Let’s treasure and recognise the value of our landfill and not fill it up fast. Let’s rethink it as a store that we can revisit once we know how to reuse even more materials in the future. Let's investigate researched aerobic models of landfill to treat waste not leave it brewing for the future.


We can do even more sorting so our rubbish goes to where it can be best managed.  Let’s use some of the cool technology with public rubbish bins to help let people know how to manage their waste.

Value people and our essential workers by leaving the weekly rubbish on the road at the kerb.

The closed loop material cycle is within our grasp.

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