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Global Issues

Let’s think global while acting local on the big issues that are affecting the world. The cartoon sums up many of those issues


Wellington already addresses biodiversity loss in many ways and is part of the Biophilic Cities network. We can do even better with a broader brush approach. Let’s make sure that we are more resilient to the changes coming. There is no other place that can grow a Wellington ecosystem but Wellington – Whanganui a Tara

Climate change is here with us now we can't put off action for the future. Cities lead the way on this and so can Wellington. The C40 Cities initiative for Mayors seeks to remain within the 1.5°C rise set out in the Paris agreement . Mitigate and adapt, we can reach zero – we can do it.

Smart spending will help us through the recession. We need to maintain what we have, and improve every time we do public works – build back better is  the way to go.

We need a focus on getting back on our feet after isolating Covid bubble living. Creative community approaches are needed so we feel connected as citizens of together. 


I don’t seek to look back and criticise the past, I want to look forward and be a leader for change for the future. All of us deserve the best life we can live. My focus is on what a city council CAN DO to make everyday life even better, and that’s quite a lot. Globally cities are leading the positive changes for the future.

Cartoon depicting a series of global issues as waves.
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